Bus accidents are a particularly serious form of auto accident not only because the size of the bus, but also because it will most likely be carrying numerous passengers who may be injured. If you were injured while on a bus or were in another vehicle that was struck by a bus, no not hesitate to contact Goldwater Law Firm today. Scottsdale bus accident attorney Bob Goldwater can meet with you during a free initial consultation to discuss the incident, your injuries, and how he can help you.

After a bus accident, you may have the right to take legal recourse to hold the responsible driver liable for his or her actions. In some cases, the bus company can be held responsible for the accident, if their negligence in hiring drivers or maintaining the bus led to the accident. By filing a claim against the responsible party or by taking a case to civil court, a lawyer can help you recover financial compensation for the injuries you have suffered. You may be eligible to receive money for medical bills, future medical care (if necessary), lost wages from being unable to work while injured, and emotional trauma. Depending on the extent of your injuries and the impact the accident has had upon your life, you may be entitled to a significant recovery.

Scottsdale Bus Accident Attorney Bob Goldwater

A bus accident may have any one or more of a number of causes, and it will be necessary to determine the true cause of the auto accident in order to recover the compensation you deserve. Scottsdale bus accident lawyer Bob Goldwater can work with accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to investigate and prove the cause of the accident. The firm handles all types of bus accidents, including those involving public transportation, school buses, and tour buses.

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