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In order for your case to be successful, a personal injury attorney must have the drive to help accident and injury victims and hold negligent parties responsible for their wrongful conduct. Accident lawyer Bob Goldwater is experienced and aggressive in forwarding the rights of his clients in order to help them recover maximum monetary benefits following a serious accident, medical malpractice incident or wrongful death.

Any personal injury claim and lawsuit has the potential to be highly complex and difficult to deal with, particularly when a large insurance company, manufacturer, trucking company or hospital must be dealt with. These groups may have a number of investigators and attorneys at hand to deal with personal injury claims that should arise, and an accident victim will need aggressive legal representation by an experienced personal injury attorney to have even a small chance of receiving the compensation they are entitled to.

By dealing with the insurance company, negotiating for a fair out of court settlement and taking cases to civil court when necessary, personal injury lawyer Bob Goldwater has helped numerous victims and their families recover compensation for medical bills, future medical care, lost wages, pain and anguish and emotional trauma. All of these together make it easier for an accident victim to recover not just physically but financially as well. At Goldwater Law Firm, PC, we handle such cases as:

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