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Helping Victims of Elder Abuse File a Personal Injury Claim

A huge problem affecting elders in nursing homes all over America is malnutrition. It is a serious type of nursing home abuse that occurs when a caregiver fails to provide adequate food, water and other everyday necessities that are so critical to maintaining one’s quality of life. It is an extreme disregard for human life and if ignored can have extremely devastating results.

Many nursing homes are severely understaffed and lack the proper training or education necessary to care for residents in a professional manner. If you suspect malnutrition or any other forms of elder abuse then whoever is to blame should be held responsible.

Signs of Malnutrition:

When an elder or loved one is the victim of elder abuse and elder neglect it can be heart wrenching. When we make the choice to place them into a nursing home it is in hopes that they will receive adequate care and proper attention. When this does not happen and an elder is improperly cared for it can lead to starvation, serious infection, illness and in many cases even wrongful death.

Malnutrition Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

At Goldwater Law Firm P.C. we help victims and family members of victims file a personal injury claim for malnutrition cases. As Phoenix malnutrition lawyers, we will protect you or your loved one from any further harm. Please contact a Phoenix malnutrition attorney at our firm today to schedule a free case consultation. In many instances we may be able to reach a settlement outside of court to avoid a lengthy trial.

Goldwater Law Firm, PC proudly serves the cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, ChandlerGilbert, Glendale and Scottsdale, Arizona.

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