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Nursing home abuse takes place more often than people realize. Many cases often go unreported, as people in nursing homes may not have family or anyone else to turn to for help.  Many times a victim of nursing home abuse suffers in silence not understanding what rights they have and how to legally protect themselves. A person who does actually stand up to report an incident is often rejected and disbelieved by staff; who will simply pass it off as dementia or false allegations due to old age.

In addition, many nursing homes remain silent and do not report abuse to the authorities because they do not want law enforcement, licensing boards or anyone else investigating their premises for fear of losing their license and/or being shut down.

Sadly people just do not realize how harmful, hurtful and devastating nursing home abuse is or how it affects the last years of a person’s life. The very moment that nursing home abuse is suspected the best step that a person, family member or loved one can take is to contact a Phoenix nursing home abuse attorney immediately. By contacting an attorney immediate action can be taken to protect a victim’s legal rights that include moving them to a safe location, far away from harm’s way.

Filing an Elder Abuse Claim

A Phoenix nursing home abuse attorney will be able to file a personal injury claim on behalf of the victim or family members of a victim; to obtain monetary compensation for any losses that may have resulted due to the nursing home abuse.

The most common types of nursing home abuse allegations involve sexual assault, physical abuseemotional abuse and/or elder neglect. There are many important types of warning signs that a family member should look out for and they include:

Please contact a Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyer at  Goldwater Law Firm, PC  today if you suspect nursing home abuse. It is extremely important that we meet with you and begin an immediate investigation into the nursing abuse allegations that you claim. We are dedicated to protecting victims of abuse and making sure that they or their families do not have to suffer due to the careless actions of another. As skilled Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyers we will aggressively fight to obtain maximum compensation and make sure that others like you or your loved one do not have to fall prey to such heartless circumstances in the future.

In addition, if you believe that your loved one or family member has died under unusual circumstances that may be related to nursing home abuse, please pick up a telephone and contact us immediately. We may be able to file a wrongful death claim on your behalf.

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

Goldwater Law Firm, PC proudly serves the cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, ChandlerGilbert, Glendale and Scottsdale, Arizona. Please contact a Phoenix nursing home abuse attorney at our firm today to schedule a free case consultation. If we make the decision to represent your case we will do so free of charge unless we obtain a recovery on your behalf. We will also work hand in hand with family members to insure that you have a complete understanding of your legal rights and what to expect during the entire legal process.

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