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When a doctor makes a mistake, the results may be deadly. It is an unfortunate reality that doctors and all medical professionals are held to a higher standard of responsibility in regard to their actions and whether they provide a standard level of care. The reason: doctors undergo a specialized education and extensive training in order to be able to assist patients, and a single mistake on the part of a doctor in virtually any field of medicine – general medicine, pregnancy or childbirth, surgery, dentistry, plastic or cosmetic surgery, etc. – may result in a patient being permanently disabled or seriously injured. A doctor mistake may even lead to the  wrongful death of a patient. This is why doctors should be careful in every aspect of patient care in order to avoid medical malpractice.

What is a Doctor Mistake?

A doctor mistake may be generally defined as any error a doctor makes in regard to a patient’s diagnosis, treatment or postoperative care. This would be any action or failure to act that was done unintentionally but that constituted a failure to provide a standard level of care or treatment and therefore resulted in injury to the patient. Doctor mistakes are more likely to occur when a doctor is inexperienced, tired, overworked, under stress, or simply careless.

Following are some examples of potential doctor mistakes:

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