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Medical malpractice is a highly complex area of law. Related to personal injury, medical malpractice refers to negligent conduct on the part of doctors, nurses, or other professionals in the field of medicine. Medical professionals have the legal obligation to provide a level of care that is on par with or above the current accepted standards. This includes in diagnosing patients, administering or prescribing medicine, and carrying out medical treatment, as well as during surgery and in preoperative and postoperative care. Virtually every field of medicine may be affected by medical malpractice, including dentistry, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, chiropractic, and even psychiatry.

Because medical malpractice claims involve technical matters relating to medicine, it is important that you work with an attorney experienced with this field of law and who has access to medical professionals as well as experts in economics and psychology/psychiatry. This will be necessary not only to accurately review all medical records and information regarding the standard level of care that should have been provided, but will also be pertinent when proving the value of your claim and how the incident has affected you physically and emotionally.

Immediate legal counsel by an experienced Phoenix medical malpractice lawyer may serve to ensure that you recover the highest amount of financial compensation possible for your particular case, in addition to bringing the responsible party to justice for their actions.

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