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Personal Injury Claims from Bike Accidents in Phoenix, Arizona

Injured in a bicycle accident in the Phoenix area? An attorney at Goldwater Law Firm, P.C. may be able to help you. Depending on your particular accident, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim against the person that caused the bicycle accident and your injuries in the first place. With our help, you may therefore be able to recover financial damages for medical bills, physical therapy or rehabilitation, emotional damages, lost wages, and possibly more. Because the injuries sustained in a bike accident are often severe, the value of your claim may be significant.

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Liability in Bicycle Accident Claims

The person or entity that may be held liable, or accountable, in a bicycle injury claim will vary depending on the particular accident. If the bicycle accident involved a motor vehicle, such as a car, truckbus or SUV, the motorist may be held liable if he or she caused the accident. This is not an uncommon occurrence, particularly considering the amount of drivers that speed, drive drunk or are simply distracted while on the road. Taking one’s attention from the road for even a moment may cause a traffic accident to occur and may place a bicycle rider’s life in danger. Additional parties that may be held liable in a personal injury claim involving a Phoenix bicycle accident may include: the manufacturer of a defective bicycle or auto part, or the local government for poor road design or maintenance.

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