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Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Bob Goldwater

Pedestrians are at particular risk of catastrophic injury if involved in a traffic accident of any kind. If you or someone you know was injured in a pedestrian accident in Phoenix or the surrounding areas in Arizona, we at Goldwater Law Firm, PC can help. Phoenix injury attorney Bob Goldwater offers a free case evaluation to talk to you about the incident, your injuries, and how he can help you take legal action against the motorist or other party responsible for the accident.

You may have been walking through a parking lot, crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk in a rural or urban neighborhood. Perhaps you were walking your dog or were out for a morning run. Out of nowhere, a motorist comes into your path or strikes you. You are left not only with physical pain but emotional trauma from the accident as well. What can you do? Where can you turn to seek justice and the money you deserve for your medical expenses?

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Involving a Phoenix pedestrian injury lawyer is an important step to take in the wake of a pedestrian accident. Although you may have the right to seek financial compensation and bring the negligent driver to justice for his or her actions, you will need to act quickly to ensure that your case against the driver is strong enough to support a settlement or jury award in your favor. This may take accident reconstruction as well as a complete analysis of your injuries and economic and emotional damages you have suffered in order to ensure your claim is valued at where it should be.

For a free consultation regarding your case, contact a Phoenix pedestrian accidents attorney at Goldwater Law Firm, PC today. We can help you rebuild and face a better, brighter future.

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