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Injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property? Talk to Phoenix injury attorney Bob Goldwater about your rights and options in regard to filing a premises liability claim or lawsuit for your injuries.

A slip and fall accident may occur because a property owner fails to properly maintain his or her property, causing a potentially hazardous situation for those who lawfully visit the site. For example, a restaurant owner/manager has a responsibility not only to ensure that walkways are maintained and free from hazards, but also that if an unexpected hazard arises (such as water or a similar spill on the floor) it will be fixed in a timely fashion. If it cannot be immediately fixed, the owner has a duty to place a warning sign in plain view that notifies visitors of the potential danger.

Slip and fall accidents may occur on virtually any type of property:

Filing a Slip and Fall Accident Claim in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona personal injury law offers a slip and fall accident victim the valuable opportunity to file a claim or lawsuit against the party responsible for the accident, usually the property owner or manager. However, it will need to be proven that the person was negligent in some way and therefore caused your injuries. The property owner may try to say that the accident was your fault, attempting to lay the blame on your shoulders to decrease or eliminate your ability to recover the compensation you deserve.  This is one of several reasons it is so important to involve a lawyer as soon as possible. Phoenix slip and fall lawyer can protect your interests and ensure that your side of the incident is properly represented.

Contact a Phoenix slip and fall accident attorney at Goldwater Law Firm, PC today if you are interested in receiving a free consultation regarding your accident.

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