A truck accident is easily one of the most dangerous and devastating motor vehicle accidents that can occur on the roads in Phoenix, Arizona. A truck accident may leave a victim (most often not the truck driver him or herself) with catastrophic injuries and may even lead to death.

As an experienced Phoenix truck accident attorney, Bob Goldwater has seen his fair share of truck accident claims and lawsuits. He knows just how earth shattering these accidents can be, and he knows exactly what help an accident victim and his or her family will need in order to recover not just physically but emotionally and financially as well.

Need more information about truck accidents? Please visit our other website focused exclusively on truck accidents, particularly those involving tractor trailer accidents and big rigs. Our Arizona truck accident lawyers are here to help.

Truck Accidents in Phoenix, Arizona

At Goldwater Law Firm, PC we offer additional information and resources for those who have been injured in commercial truck accidents throughout Phoenix and the surrounding areas in Arizona, including in Mesa, Tempe, ChandlerGilbert, Glendale and Scottsdale. For more information, click on the links listed below:

Phoenix Accident and Injury Attorney Bob Goldwater

Trucking companies are for profit organizations that are always looking for ways to increase income and decrease expenditures. This can have disastrous results when corners are cut in regards to safety regulations and driver training, as this can lead to a truck accident which then causes serious injury or death.

A truck accident victim needs a strong Phoenix truck accident lawyer on his or her side in order to stand up against the large trucking company and hold them responsible for the accident. Accident lawyer Bob Goldwater is committed to providing only the highest quality legal representation in order to help his clients recover following a serious truck accident.

Contact Phoenix truck accident attorney Bob Goldwater regarding your claim and receiving compensation for your injuries/losses.

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