Helping Birth Injury Victims in Scottsdale, Arizona

Of all forms of medical malpractice, birth injury cases are often the most delicate and difficult to deal with. The birth of a child is supposed to be a joyous event for the parents, but in the presence of malpractice or negligence this can quickly turn into a nightmare.

At Goldwater Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping families who are suffering because of birth injuries brought on by medical malpractice. We represent clients throughout all of Scottsdale and the surrounding areas in Arizona, and your initial consultation with birth injury attorney Bob Goldwater is free. You pay nothing for our legal services unless we are able to make a financial recovery on your behalf.

Types of Birth Injury Claims

There are numerous ways in which an infant may suffer a serious birth injury. Many birth injuries are forms of brain injuries which are brought about due to a lack of oxygen to the brain, as in the case of Cerebral Palsy. Others may be sustained as a result of physical trauma during delivery. We are highly experienced in all types of birth injury cases, including those involving:

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Your child deserves the best medical care, and by working with a Scottsdale brain injury attorney as soon as possible you can help ensure that you have the means to recover the financial compensation necessary to pay for your child’s current medical bills, as well as further medical treatment to help improve his or her condition and life.

Contact Goldwater Law Firm today for a free consultation regarding your birth injury claim, and find out how we can help your child face a brighter future.

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