A child or adult may suffer serious injury in a swimming pool accident. These may occur in private or public pools and even when a lifeguard is on duty. At Goldwater Law Firm, we are aggressive advocates for victims of all types of swimming pool accidents throughout Scottsdale, Arizona, including: drowning, slip and fall accidents, and electrocution. We may be able to bring a claim against a property owner or other party for your child’s injuries or for your loss.

Bob Goldwater is a competent Scottsdale swimming pool accident lawyer who is dedicated to assisting clients with personal injury and wrongful death claims throughout Scottsdale and the surrounding areas in Arizona. He offers a free initial consultation to discuss your child’s particular accident, and he will take the time to answer your questions and address your particular concerns.

In addition to handling claims involving swimming pool drowning accidents, Goldwater Law Firm also handles claims involving boating accidents, Jet Ski accidents and other accidents that occur on or near the water.

What Causes Drowning Accidents?

When no adults are present, a young child may fall in a swimming pool and drown if it is not properly fenced off or covered. Even in public schools or in situations where an adult or lifeguard is present, a child who is not a strong swimmer may start to flounder and may drown. Roughhousing in a pool, lack of adult supervision, or even safety equipment malfunction may all lead to a drowning accident. A skilled Scottsdale swimming pool accident lawyer can help you take legal action against the person or party responsible for your loss, bringing them to justice for what they have done.

If you have lost a child because of someone else’s negligent conduct, contact Scottsdale swimming pool accident lawyer Bob Goldwater today.

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